Animal Health Products are valuable assets for every farm. From Calf Management to adult dairy and beef cattle, Accelerated Genetics has a variety of Animal Health Products that will maximize your production, reproduction and health of all your dairy and beef cattle. To learn more about Animal Health Products, contact your local Accelerated Genetics' Representative today! 

Eazi-Breed™ CIDR® Cattle Insert

The Eazi-Breed™ CIDR® Insert is a valuable management tool for estrus synchronization for dairy and beef heifers and cows. 

Kamar® Heatmount® Detectors

KAMAR® Heatmount® Detectors are a pressure sensitive device with a built-in timing mechanism designed to be activated by standing heat behavior. 

Estrotect® Heat Detector

Apply Estrotect® heat detectors to your cows prior to standing heat or when your cows are given injections to synchronize their estrus cycles. 


This highly-visible, non-toxic paint resists weather and fading. Applies easily with slight pressure. Great for marking skin, hide, pelt - wet or dry.

Twist-Stik Paintstick

This slow-dry formula marks skins, hides, and pelts. Convenient plastic dispenser with cover prevents waste and mess. Fade-resistant, weather-resistant. Nontoxic.

Detect-Her Tailpaint with Bitterguard™

A tail paint especially designed for use in estrous detection. Bitterguard™ added to deter licking. Non-hazardous, water-based paint.

Mark-Her Livestock Marking Pen with Bitterguard™

Bitterguard™ added to deter licking. Brush tip applicator, non-hazardous, extremely fast drying, once dry, fully waterproof.

Insemination Guns

We offer high quality IMV insemenation guns.

Breeding Sheaths

A complete line of premium quality IMV and Continental breeding sheaths are available for your breeding program.

AI Gun Warmer

The AI Gun Warmer is an ideal aid for breeders loading multiple guns at a time. A self-contained rechargeable battery and heating unit maintains the temperature within the gun holder at 92-98°F. 

Thermos® Thaw Unit

Glass vacuum bottle encased in rugged plastic shell. Designed with a retriever basket for immersion of semen in water bath. Accepts standard dial thermometer for monitoring water temperature. Can be disassembled for cleaning. Fits in Cito Plastic AI Kit.

Cito Thaw Units

A proven thaw unit for properly thawing semen. A sensitive and accurate thermostatic control ensures a constant temperature range of 95°-98° F. 

Complete AI Kits

Cito Plastic AI Kit
Rugged plastic design. Ideal for sanitary storage of sheaths, guns, thaw units and all tools necessary for artificial insemination.

30778     Cito Plastic AI Kit

Duflex® Eartag System, 25ct.

All Duflex® tags are coated with INFECTA+GUARD®, a stud coating that carries the bactericide chlorhexidine gluconate. Coating is dry and releases only on application. 

Nitrogen Tanks

Accelerated Genetics offers a complete line of dewars (liquid tanks) and vapor-shippers (dry shippers) to meet the storage and shipping needs of any breeder. We are proud to offer only the highest quality tanks from the world’s leading manufacturers.