Dairy Flyers

Jersey Headliners: PROVEN

Jersey Headliners: PROVEN PERFORMERS

Jersey Headliners: GENOMIC

Jersey Headliners: GENOMIC

Holstein Headliners: PROVEN

 Holstein Headliners: PROVEN genetics

Holstein Headliners: WELLNESS

Breeding profitable, health cows

Breed-Leading Type Copper

No. 1 Type & No. 1 Mammary

014GU318 Copper

Breed-Leading Type Dynamite

No. 1 Type & No. 1 Mammary 

014BS393 Dynamite

Crossroads of Production & Health

In today's dairy industry, cow health & production are vital to economic success. These Modesty sons offer both and so much more!

014HO13761 Adams
014HO13758 Dallas

Jersey Headliners Cheese Does Matter

Cheese Does Matter at Accelerated Genetics

Jersey Headliners Got Udders

Jersey Headliners-Got Udders

Holstein Proven Headliners

Proven Holstein Headliners