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014HO13707 Mega Luck

14HO13666 DELROY


Silent Herdsman

Simply put, Silent Herdsman will help you make more money, save time and keep your herd healthy wherever you are.

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Mr. Brash-ET 527HO00040

Brash up on your TYPE!

McCutchen x VG Goldchip x EX90 Aftershock

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First 14: Protect Your Calf

TIMING IS EVERYTHING and the first hours and 14 days of your calf's life are critical. First 14 is a valid antibody source solution to assist in bridging this critical immunity gap. First 14 is formulated to provide immunity for days 1-14, the critical time for the calves' immune and enteric development.

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Montbeliarde Breed Available from Accelerated Genetics

Montbeliarde Breed Available from Accelerated Genetics 

Three new Montbeliarde sires are available through Accelerated Genetics. Contact your local Accelerated Genetics Representative to find out how to get these sires.

Source: CDCR/Neogen

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Genetic Connections


Accelerated Genetics values what an important investment your genetics is to the overall success of your business. Therefore, we are proud to offer you Genetic Connections, the most comprehensive and flexible genetic consulting program in the industry. Whether you are looking for the perfect mating strategy for your goals from the GEM Mating Program, Inbreeding Protection from the IMAGE program or an overall Genetic Analysis of your herd, our professional Genetic Consultants are trained to guide you in maximizing your genetic investment.

Super Hero

534HO00052 Super Hero to the Rescue!

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Open Package. Mix Powder. Feed Calf.

Made from high quality 100% dried bovine colostrum from select Grade A Dairies.

Research validates First Day Formula® is equivalent to maternal colostrum.

Simple. Safe. Scientifically-Proven. First Day Formula Flyer

SIMPLE. First Day Formula colostrum replacer eliminates multiple steps necessary to feeding maternal colostrum safely and effectively.

SAFE. First Day Formula is heat processed and tested free of disease-causing pathogens.

SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN. In a large sample size study, 299 of 300 First Day Formula calves demonstrated successful passive transfer, statistically equivalent to calves fed maternal colostrum.

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